Bitcoin Cash
is money for everyone

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a financial system without barriers, enabling easy transactions anytime, anywhere. It’s not just a currency, but a movement for change that fosters innovation and connects users globally. BCH is designed for everyone, facilitating quick, low-cost transactions. It empowers individuals, whether a farmer or a trader, to participate in the global economy in new ways. BCH is about creating connections, not just about money. It speaks every language and belongs to everyone.

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Built for commerce!

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a peer-to-peer payment network renowned for its rapid transactions, minimal fees, and global accessibility. It's gaining traction in places like "Bitcoin Cash City" (Townsville, Australia) and St.Kitts, where numerous merchants accept it, fostering economic growth. BCH also serves as a hedge against inflation in regions like Argentina. Initiatives like the Journal of Global Surgery have adopted BCH to democratize medical knowledge access. Additionally, platforms like facilitate BCH usage for mainstream commerce, exemplifying its versatility and growing acceptance worldwide.

BCH Commerce Showcase

A new world of DeFi with

Bitcoin Cash’s growing token economy, CashTokens, enables anyone to create and use digital assets on the BCH network, representing anything from currencies and stocks to unique items. Bitcoin Cash’s strength lies in its support for scalable decentralized applications (dApps), allowing efficient and affordable management of complex financial operations.

User-friendly platforms like BCH Guru and Cauldron are enhancing BCH’s utility by integrating it with the latest finance tech. Tapswap offers a platform for trading digital art, and Paytaca’s CashTokens Studio lets you create your own digital tokens, boosting BCH’s role in the DeFi scene.

These innovations are transforming BitcoinCash from just a currency to a versatile tool for managing savings and daily finances. It’s becoming a preferred choice for savvy savers and smart spenders in the digital world, positioning itself as a key resource for personal finance management.

On-Chain Stability
and Speculation

BCH BULL is the number one DeFi application on Bitcoin Cash, allowing you to speculate and stabilize your funds without requiring permission or middlemen.  With over $100m of contracts in its first year, flawless redemption, and support for multiple assets including USD, EUR, Gold, Silver and more, BCH Bull demonstrates the true power of p2p smart contracts on Bitcoin Cash mainchain.

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Your finances are your business.

With Bitcoin Cash, privacy is your choice. The public BCH ledger has all transactions, but no information about who or what is involved. That means you can keep transactions open, keeping your government or non-profits fully accountable, or perform private and provable audit for business. Alternatively, Bitcoin Cash has tools available to ensure full privacy. 

CashFusion Technology
CashFusion is a privacy protocol that uses smart maths to make it virtually impossible to track your transactions, even on the public ledger. No need to trust a middleman - your money is always in your control with CashFusion.
Reusable Payment Addresses
No more balancing acts between convenience and confidentiality. With RPA, you can effortlessly send Bitcoin Cash to anyone, anywhere, using just a unique handle. Your transactions blend seamlessly into the crowd, maintaining your privacy.

Understanding Bitcoin Cash

Here are some of the fundamentals of BCH!


BCH is fundamentally an alternative to fiat such as USD, Yuan, Rupee, Naira, Peso. With a 15+ year history going back to the first cryptocurrency block ever mined, BCH has a fixed supply, ensuring that hyperinflation (the fate of all historical fiat currencies) will not occur.


BCH is programmable money and can do everything such as payments (Means of Exchange), savings (Store of Value), financial contracts (derivates and more), and loans.


Serious engineering allows BCH to consistently remain affordable for all. The UTXO design underlying BCH ensures that as usage grows, the energy cost of each transaction falls -a truly massive economy of scale where politicians and banks have to play by the same rules as everyone else.


You may have heard about decentralization before, but it really is the beating heart of BCH, following the original Bitcoin design. Proof of work mining, multiple full nodes, the CHIP process, and more mean that anyone can participate in using or mining BCH. No kings, no parliaments, no "official", just people like us.

Bitcoin Cash
continues to develop!


Bitcoin Cash is set to get a big update in May 2024 that’s all about growing with the times. The new feature, called ABLA (Adaptive Blocksize Limit Algorithm), makes sure there’s always enough room for your transaction, signalling to the world that Bitcoin Cash is on the road to global adoption.

How can Bitcoin Cash handle billions of people? The developers in Bitcoin Cash are serious about good engineering and building for the future. The ABLA upgrade has been through extensive testing and simulations, ensuring that network capacity grows with technology and usage, just like the internet.

Bitcoin Cash

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Join the financial revolution with Bitcoin Cash, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that empowers you to be your own bank. Together, we can build a future where trade is truly free, markets are genuinely open, and the world is more connected.  Although there are no ‘official’ groups in BCH,  these are some good places to stay connected:



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